The Staff

Canvas Lounge the life-long dream of owner, Darek Tanner.  After many years of building experience and acquiring many interesting items, such as the cathedral lights (from the church he attended as a child) and an old phone booth (from the hospital he was born in) just to name a few, his concept was ready to be put into action.  Canvas is part art gallery, part lounge, part music venue, and part dance club. From the art on the walls, to the lighting effects, to the fixtures on the ceiling, there is constant change and evolution.  The result is a constantly shifting decor that is designed to make you feel groovy, and we think it will.

Canvas focuses on taking extra care that guests feel comfortable and cared for.  Lighting, ambience, great music, friendly people, and the best sound system on Church St.  There are seasonal drinks like The Watermelon Fizz in the summer (made with real watermelon) and the homemade Hot Buttered Rum in the winter.  We fresh squeeze orange and grapefruit juice daily.  There is also 2 for 1 Happy Hour, and nightly specials to keep your pallet excited.

 The mission is to bring our guests the best and most diverse entertainment in Music City, striving always to promote diversity and excellence in our community.

About Canvas